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Insurtech Insights Asia 2023: discovermarket’s Vision for Embedded Microinsurance and Technological Innovation

06 Mar 24

We are excited to bring you exclusive insights from our recent participation at the Insurtech Insights Asia 2023 conference held in Hong Kong. Our leadership team, alongside our valued partner Philinsure, took the stage to explore the dynamic landscape of insurtech, focusing on the pressing issue of the protection gap and unveiling the innovative capabilities of the discovermarket platform.

Bridging the Protection Gap: A Visionary Perspective by CEO Patrick Buehler

Experience the energy as our dynamic CEO, Patrick Buehler, and Philinsure’s visionary CEO, Gordon Alan “Dondi” Josheph, take center stage. Together, they delve into the vast potential of embedded microinsurance, offering a powerful solution to bridge the protection gap and revolutionize the insurance landscape.

Technological Marvel: COO Tushar Kulkarni and CTO and co-founder Hank Sharma Illuminate the Tech Stage

Switch gears as our Chief Operating Officer, Tushar, and Chief Technology Officer, Hank, dazzle the tech stage. Their presentation unfolds the cutting-edge capabilities of the discovermarket platform, showcasing how our technology empowers brokers to seamlessly handle the entire insurance value chain. In this session, our COO and CTO take the stage to showcase the technological prowess of discovermarket’s platform, providing a glimpse into the future of insurance management.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of Embedded Microinsurance: Discover how embedded microinsurance is not just a solution but a paradigm shift, offering new possibilities in addressing the protection gap.
  • Collaboration for Innovation: Explore how collaborative efforts with industry partners like Philinsure are shaping the future of insurtech, creating synergies for mutual benefit.

How Can Embedded Protection Transform the Industry?

As showcased in these speeches, embedded protection for life products holds the key to making insurance more accessible and relevant in our daily lives. The innovative strategies discussed have the potential to reshape the industry, offering new avenues for coverage and empowering individuals and businesses alike.

We invite you to delve into these insightful presentations, gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape, and witness firsthand how discovermarket is at the forefront of driving change in the insurtech space.

Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Let’s continue to unlock the future of insurtech together!

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