1. What is Parametric Weather Guarantee?

    1. Parametric Weather Guarantee is a protection solution that protects your hotel stay experience against bad weather (i.e. rain). Bad weather can result in disruptions to the plans of hotel guests or prevent the use of hotel facilities. With this protection, hotel guests could be entitled to a hotel voucher of SGD 300, which may be used for the next booking in the event of bad weather.
  2. Trigger for voucher entitlement:

    1. If during Daylight Hours (8am to 7pm) where Rain Duration exceeds 120 minutes in any 240 minutes block of time as recorded by the Data Provider selected to cover the Premise, the customer is entitled to a hotel voucher of SGD 300.
  3. Terms and Conditions:

    1. The voucher with the agreed upon amount in the event of Rainfall that reaches or exceeds the Trigger based on the Reference Data Source from the specified Data Provider on the following conditions:

      1. The Insured Room is covered starting from 3 pm on the day of Check-in and until 12 pm of the day of Check-out.
      2. On the day of Check-in, the calculations for total Rainfall will only begin at 3 pm.
      3. A maximum of ONE (1) voucher may be issued per Room Night per Insured Room. Calculations are constrained to the Date of Loss as aforementioned.
      4. Weather Guarantee may NOT be purchased during the Exception Period
      5. In the event of Missing Weather Data we will employ the understated Fallback Method.
  4. Fallback Method: In the event of Missing Weather Data, the following steps will be taken:

    1. Attempts will be made to retrieve the Reference Data Source when and if it is made available at a later time.
    2. Should the Reference Data Source for the specified time remain unavailable indefinitely then a Backup Data Source will be used for the purposes of validating the eligibility of voucher issuance.
    3. Should no data be available from any source then the insurer reserves discretion in dealing with such scenarios on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Glossary:

    1.  Backup Data Source means the secondary source of observed weather index of which the weather/ atmospheric/ satellite based/ modelled observations data shall act as a substitute for the missing weather data, if any, of the reference data source.
    2.  Check-in means start period of Guest Stay at the premise taken as 3pm of the date of commencement of Stay.
    3.  Check-out means end period of Guest Stay at the premise taken as 12pm of the date of ending of Stay.
    4.  Daylight Hours means period of time at which the sun has risen until it sets taken to be 8am to 7pm.
    5.  Data Provider means an independent third-party data agency with credible standards which provides data either from physical weather station situated on ground or modelled index data based on satellite/atmospheric observations or combination of all such as Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) weather station (or stations set up by departments of State Government, Research Institute, Universities or other independent weather stations set up private data providers) to record various
      weather parameters/modelled weather index.
    6.  Date of Loss means date at which the first instance of rain that triggers a claim is recorded.
    7.  Exception Period means the period of time within forty-eight hour (48) hours to the Check-in time.
    8.  Missing Weather Data means the weather data for any particular period which has not been recorded or having been recorded by the Data Provider but is not available to the Company.
    9.  Rain Duration means the total cumulative time it has rained over a 240-minute block of time measured in minutes.
    10.  Reference Data Source are those sources of data which are commissioned for providing weather data for the purpose of assessment of voucher eligibility.
    11.  Room Night means a period of one solar day from 3 pm until 3 pm the following day during which a Guest has booked a room.
    12.  Stay means the entire period the Guest legally occupies a room at the Premise.
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